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visionary arts

  • Art Direction
  • Motion Direction
  • Photo Direction
  • Web Design
  • Web Planning


製菓・カフェとペットとウェディングの専門学校 ビジョナリーアーツのウェブサイト設計・制作を行いました。

I designed and produced the website of Visionary Arts, a vocational school that deals with confectionery, cafés, pets and weddings. I had a goal of creating a website where visitors could really feel what it’s like to have hands-on training, which is something unique to Visionary Arts. By being conscious of information design and photo composition, this website makes it easier for young people to see their future. To harmonize with the motto: "Realize your dreams with hands-on learning", I selected images that would convey both delight and resolution.


Photo Direction


Web Design


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