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seed tech school

  • Art Direction
  • Logo Design
  • Web Design
  • Web Planning


「英語」と「IT」スキルを学ぶ機会を創出するSeed Tech Schoolのロゴデザイン、ビジュアル策定を行いました。
自分自身を組み立てるために必要なSeed Tech Schoolということで、「Sのモチーフを組み立てて箱を作ることができる」をアイデアに、事業との関連性を込めてデザインしています。
スクリーン リーダーのサポートを有効にする

Seed Tech School provides the opportunity for students to learn both English and IT skills, I designed their logotype and the visuals on their website.
To study programming in English while abroad means that a student has a to have a high level of determination to develop their skills.
With this kind of self-determination in mind, I got the idea of a "self-made man", and created the logo as an "S" (for Seed Tech) that constructs itself into a box, representing business.


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