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leverages medicalcare co., ltd.

  • Art Direction
  • Graphic Design
  • Logo Design
  • Photo Direction


「医療・介護を支える人とともに、本質的な "変化" を生み出す会社を目指します」というビジョンを、「どのような人に」、「どのような人と」、「誰に向けて」、「何を行うか」という視点で紐解き、ターゲット策定やVIの基礎構造部分の課題認識を行い、「顕在化した課題ではなく潜在的な課題も掘り起こす」という課題解決手法を元にVI策定を行いました。

The vision of "Aiming to be a company that creates essential change together with people who support medical and nursing care” needed to be unraveled with questions such as "what? with whom? for whom? and how?". We established the target and looked for weaknesses in the basic structure of the VI, then we once again formulated the VI based on the problem solving technique of "finding out potential problems, not focusing on previous problems." Besides that, we developed strength and perception goals to create visual design that captured the spirit of the company.


Logo Design


Envelope Design

Matte Coat 110kg


Catalog Design

Matte Coat 135kg

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