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anteprima 2016 collection

  • Art Direction
  • Motion Direction


日本のみならず、世界中に展開されているANTEPRIMA。 ミラノで開催されたANTEPRIMA LTD. Spring / Summer 2016 Collectionのオープニングに使用される、オープニングモーションを制作いたしました。

ANTEPRIMA is not just fashion for Japan anymore, but for the whole world. ANTEPRIMA LTD in Milan. I created a video for the opening of the ANTEPRIMA Spring / Summer 2016 Collection at the Milan Fashion Show.
With careful thought to smooth transitions, I created a video to give effortless flow for every step of the show, from the "Grand opening", to the models walking the runway in feminine elegance.


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